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New Parallel Runway

Throughout the year BAC completed a detailed Runway Timing Study which forecast the New Parallel Runway will be required from late 2018, based on current growth projections.

During this time, the design and tender documentation was also finalised along with the'expression of interest' process to pre-qualify the dredging companies and the civil contractors invited to participate in the request for tender process.

The drafting of contracts and the final design and technical specifications for Phase One works has also substantially advanced with both scheduled for completion in October 2011.

During the last financial year, BAC has also finalised the Project Construction Environment Program Plan and the Biodiversity Management Strategy in fulfilment of conditions of BAC's approvals under the Transport Act (Major Development Plan approval) and the Environment Protect and Biodiversity Construction Act (Environmental Impact Study approval).

During the FY2011 FY BAC also completed the extensive field work finalising the reclamation strategy.