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The Four Pillars of Sustainability

BAC is committed to managing, operating and developing Brisbane Airport in a sustainable manner, ensuring that the demand for development aligns with our principles of sustainability.

The four pillars of sustainability identified for Brisbane Airport - operational, economic, social and environmental - underpin this approach:

Operational Sustainability

  • BAC strives to maintain excellence in service delivery in terminals and across the airport.
  • Business continuity is tied to maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring that the necessary capacity and critical assets are available to operate and expand the airport.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for airport operations is a key objective.
  • Economic Sustainability

  • As a privatised airport, shareholder value creation is a primary driver of business decisions.
  • By continuing to deliver strong financial results and investing in the future, the airport will boost regional wealth and employment.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement in all activities also allows Brisbane Airport to build revenues and contribute to the region's economy.
  • Social Sustainability

  • Corporate social responsibility and partnership building are long-standing philosophies of BAC.
  • BAC fosters and respects diversity, promotes health and safety on airport and a work life balance for staff.
  • BAC will continue to improve airport amenities, access and connectivity.
  • BAC is committed to ongoing stakeholder engagement.
  • Environmental Sustainability

  • BAC is committed to an active response to the long-term impacts of climate change and minimising adverse environmental impacts on aviation and property development activities.
  • BAC's sustainability goals are to maximise energy, water and waste efficiencies, manage noise impacts, balance the built environment and biodiversity values and achieve best practice in urban and built design.
  • BAC connects passengers, visitors and patrons with the airport by providing sustainable transport solutions.