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Connecting with Our Community

BAC recognises its operations have a wide range of impacts on many people, whether from an economic and business point of view, servicing the tourism industry, facilitating safe and reliable passenger and freight air travel, or contributing to the liveability of growing communities.

The growth and future sustainability of Brisbane Airport therefore requires strong and sustainable links with the community, and a commitment to transparent and accessible information.

As such, BAC is dedicated to an ongoing commitment to stakeholder communication and community engagement.

BAC therefore undertakes a number of initiatives to achieve effective community engagement on a range of subjects including the formation of Brisbane Airport Community Engagement Program (BACEP) which has been established to generate informed, ongoing and interactive discussion on airport development, aircraft technologies, potential amenity impacts from increased aircraft operations and airspace management processes.

The first element in the BACEP is the Brisbane Airport Community Forum (BACF) which presents a unique opportunity for community members to directly interact with airport management, government, agencies and the airport community on issues including environment, traffic, noise, infrastructure and commercial development. BACFs are held quarterly in local airport suburbs across Brisbane.

The Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG) was also convened as an independently-chaired vehicle to promote informed and responsive community engagement between the airport and airport stakeholders, along with its surrounding communities, on issues relating to aircraft operations at Brisbane Airport, in particular on the issue of aircraft noise.

BACACG celebrated its second anniversary in May 2011 and, in the past twelve months, appointed an additional three community members, bringing the total number in the group to seven.

The quarterly Brisbane Airport and Area Round Table (BAART), an integrated planning forum comprising federal, state and local government planning authorities, also feeds into BACACG, providing updates on the progress of planning issues including aircraft noise, airspace management and surface transport.

Similarly, the Brisbane Airport Technical Noise Working Group (TNWG) supplements BACACG by providing technical, operational and other advice to assist BACACG in communicating accurate and relevant technical information and to help consider ways to improve long-term noise mitigation measures.

The Brisbane Airport Experience Centre located at Airport Village also provides interesting information about the airport's operations, multimedia presentations, interactive maps and a unique software program for residents wanting to see the anticipated future flight paths and expected changes to aircraft noise patterns over Greater Brisbane. Since opening in July 2010 the Experience Centre has seen over 7,000 visitors through its doors. In December 2010, the Online Experience Centre ( was launched on the BAC website and has since attracted more than 8000 unique visitors.